Divine Essence Spiritual Center

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Welcome! We're glad you stopped by!
The Divine Essence Spiritual Center is a community group dedicated to serving the alternative spiritual and holistic communities in Manhattan, KS.
Feel free to grab a cup of coffee, relax, and peruse our pages for information on holistic and alternative learning opportunities from local teachers and practitioners!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The Divine Essence Spiritual Center has a new space for presenting workshops and gatherings!!! Come see the new offerings through DESC at Iron Clad Coworking MHK, 407 Poyntz Ave., Manhattan! Scheduling for upcoming events can be found on the Groups and Classes page.
(If you'd like to check out Iron Clad for the opportunity to join a growing small-business community, check out their Website! They are wonderful to work with! ~AND~ if you live in Junction City, Fort Riley, or Chapman, you can receive a membership at half price! ironcladcoworking.com)

Meet our Center coordinator!

Mandy is a dedicated part of the alternative spirituality and holistic communities in Manhattan, offering her services as a Reiki Master and teacher of Shintai Ryu Manhattan, as well as providing spiritual support and organization to the community! 

Please feel free to contact her anytime via e-mail with any questions or inquiries about the Center, its offerings, or if you are interested in sharing your work!

Email: [email protected]

Text: 785-223-2383